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SPGoding is some random human-alike thing that happens to know a little bit about TypeScript, NodeJS, ES6, word combinations that don’t make any sense but recruiters love to see, and Kotlin.

Open Source Projects


SPYGlass is a set of development tools for vanilla Minecraft: Java Edition data pack creators. Learn more.


SPU is an online tool for updating old Minecraft: Java Edition commands to the 1.14 format. Check it out.

This tool is no longer maintained. SPYGlass might be a good alternative that provides code actions to help you update your data packs.


SPX was an online tool that could convert Minecraft.net blog articles to BBCode. It also contained a list of Simplified Chinese translations contributed by Chinese players.

The tool was forcefully shut down for obvious reasons.

Self-Hosted Websites


SPGoding has a self-hosted Weblate instance. Check it out.

If you want to host your project’s localization on this website for free, please contact SPGoding. Generally, any open source projects related to Minecraft are allowed.

Search Engine

SPGoding also has a self-hosted Searx instance. If you’re brave enough to hand all your search history and privacy to me, check it out.

You probably won’t be tracked, but I can’t guarantee anything.


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